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Artown Wraps Up With Squirrel Nut Zippers Wednesday


Squirrel Nut Zippers

Wednesday is the last day of the 2019 month of Artown events. Be sure check out Squirrel Nut Zippers headlining at Wingfield Park. Details: https://artown.org/event-details.asp?ID=4198

Here’s a rundown of last weekend’s events.

The second to last weekend of Artown held some amazing events. It’s one of the last chances for people to go out and experience what Artown is and has to offer. This weekend of Artown happened to be one of the busiest, with back to back events.

A large aspect of this weekend were open studios, where one can walk through an artist’s studio, speak to the artist about their work, and even buy a piece. One example of this was with the Glass Blowing Extravaganza.

Image: Kylie Masznicz.

It was put on by The Marsh Arlington’s Annual Glass Art Show and Sale, a limited-time pop-up shop to buy glass pieces made locally.

The pieces ranged in color and size. Small glass flowers could be bought to create an entire bouquet; sculptures bending in unimaginable ways were neatly presented, and bowls with glass eyeballs were a creepy crowd favorite.

52nd Annual Basque Festival. Image: Kylie Masznicz.

Also during the weekend was the 52nd Annual Basque Festival. Held in Wingfield Park, the grass was full of fun booths selling cultural cuisine and drinks as well as outfits and art pieces. The stage was adorned with adorable children in Basque clothing teaching the audience traditional dances. There was also a weightlifting and chopping exhibitions, food and drink competitions, and poetry read in the Euskera language.

Image: Kylie Masznicz.

Reno is rich with Basque culture and tradition, with several Basque restaurants and cultural events year-round. However, during Artown is the best time to celebrate Basque heritage through the Basque festival. Regardless of if you’re Basque or not, it’s a fun day full of delicious food and joyous dance.

This weekend of Artown ended with a comedy performance by Justin Ripple, who voiced Tuffnut in “How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World,” and is in the upcoming movie “Operation Chromite” with Liam Neeson.

He’s most known for his impressions and voices. His Artown performances definitely left a good impression on Reno, as the crowd found him hilarious and incredible.

Kylie Burns
Kylie Burns
Kylie Burns has been living in Reno for over two decades. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and an MFA in Creative Writing. Her non-fiction work can also be found in Broadway Baby. When she isn't reviewing art and culture events in Reno, she's hogging the spotlight in karaoke or trying her hand at mixology.