UNR Offering Free Vasectomies

The University of Nevada, Reno announced last week that it was giving away free vasectomies.

Dr. Daniel Spogen, chair of UNR Med Family and Community Medicine, said that men have historically had limited choices when it comes to birth control options.

“Family planning has focused more on women, women’s health, pregnancy, and childbirth,” he explained. “Vasectomies offer a highly effective contraceptive option and allow men the opportunity to take on a greater role in their contraceptive responsibility.”

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Consequently, men may sign up for free to get the procedure. It is an outpatient process that lasts up to 45 minutes.

According to UNR, “there are two common vasectomy methods: incision and no-scalpel. The UNR Med Student Outreach Clinic offers both. Patients should discuss their options with a physician before selecting a method.

“Licensed faculty and clinical community physicians perform the procedure and provide patient care, while medical students observe or assist.”

The procedure normally costs up to $3,000. At UNR, it’s free. The procedure is expected to be permanent.

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For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact the Student Outreach Clinic at (775) 682-8646 or [email protected].


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  1. I think that is Stupid !!!! No one should jump into a surgery that can ruin a marriage later,just to have young SEX. Anyone offering this surgery for free is crazy..the line will be down the block.

  2. I find this ‘service’ to be stunningly lacking in thought. A licensed Nevada physician is willing to provide a vasectomy to a 19 year old? Really? Their brains are not even fully formed. What is a patient is to do if there are complications, such as infection or other harbingers of sepsis? If there is more to the story that I am missing please do tell. I have never heard of any provider(s) offering $3,000 vasectomies for ‘free’.

    • Nowhere in the article does it state this is for 19 year olds… But, if a male 19 year old has 5 kids, maybe he should have a vasectomy – age be damned.

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