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Reno Filmmaker Heads to Cannes Film Festival

By Bob Conrad
Film screen grab from "10 Syllables."
Film screen grab from “10 Syllables.”

Reno filmmaker, Emily Skyle-Golden, is heading to France to screen her film “10 Syllables.” The short docudrama is among just seven finalists from around the globe invited to screen and compete for top awards at the festival.

Skyle-Golden’s film is inspired by the #MeToo movement. Originally titled “#nomore,” Skyle-Golden tweaked the original production into its newest version.

Skyle-Golden, writer and director, said that she felt moved to make a documentary, and when her call for a few survivors of sexual assault willing to share their story resulted in 528 women and men coming forward, she switched gears and found a powerful way of honoring them all.

The result was “#nomore,” which premiered in Reno, where the film is based, to an audience of over 1,400 people. All the actors are from Reno.

“Within a year of touring festivals with the film and receiving multiple awards, the number of stories shared grew from 528 to over 6,000,” Skyle-Golden said.

Every sound bite in the film was pulled from actual sexual assault cases, Skyle-Golden said. “Every #nomore message featured in the film is from a survivor. And every scene of the inspirational film was filmed on location in Reno.”

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to assist with necessary funds to bring the film to Cannes. The film is scheduled to be screened on Tuesday, May 21st and again on Friday, May 24th.

10 Syllables Synopsis

The film, 10 Syllables (un-con-scious / in-tox-i-ca-ted / fe-male) follows the story of Parker. When the justice system fails her, she takes off on an inspiring journey to turn her #metoo into everyone’s #nomore. With one action, her attacker may have taken away her choice, but with one voice – she started a movement.