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Hot August Nights Spring Fever Revival Rolls Into Downtown (Subscriber Content)


Image: Kylie Masznicz.

Hot August Nights has been a beloved event in Northern Nevada for 33 years. However, only having it once a year isn’t enough to satisfy the local car lovers. This is why every spring a “Spring Fever Revival” event takes place to give the people a little taste of what’s to come in August.

The streets downtown are blocked off to have room to feature all ranges of cars. Some are big buses or trucks, other are convertibles, but all are vibrant and gorgeous. Accompanying the cars are food vendors and music shows for a well-rounded event.

This year’s Spring Fever Revival, held this past weekend, may not have offered the best weather for walking the streets, but this didn’t scare off those who have a true passion for cars.

However, these events aren’t only for the car lovers. People of all ages enjoy seeing the classic cars on display and are able to take photos with each one as they wish. The owners are sometimes sitting close by ready to answer any questions about the vehicle if you’d like to learn more.

This year there were 600+ classic cars participating for the ribbons and trophies being given away during the weekend. The Spring Fever Revival event also allows for those still wanting to register in August to easily do so, so expect even more jaw-dropping beauties later this summer.

The most exciting aspect of the Spring Fever Revival event is the “Poster Prodigy.” If a car is registered for both the Spring event and the actual Hot August Nights event, then they get the chance to have their car be featured in the marketing campaign posters for the next year. Winners are yet to be announced.

If you missed out on attending the Hot August Nights Spring Fever Revival weekend then don’t fret. Mark your calendars for August 2nd and 3rd to see the event in Virginia City, or for August 6th till August 11th to see the event in the Reno/Sparks area.

Kylie Masznicz
Kylie Masznicz
Kylie Masznicz is a recent graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, where she studied English with a concentration in writing with a minor in Communication Studies. She writes culture pieces for ThisIsReno, but her work has also been featured on Broadway Baby and Brushfire Literature & Arts Journal. Her goal is to write a novel. She enjoys art of all forms, but chooses to express her own creativity through writing, music, and nail art. She also collects Christmas sweaters and has enough to wear one everyday from Thanksgiving to New Years.