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EVENT: Will You Help Jane Break Through the Cycle?


Video courtesy of Yelp.

STEP2, Yelp, and Break Through Reno have collaborated to create an intriguing and educational one-time escape room experience taking place on June 8, 2019 at the Silver Legacy Resort Casino. This one day only group escape room is designed to bring awareness to the struggles those dealing with substance use disorders face on the road to recovery.

“Yelp’s mission is to connect people to great local businesses and organizations, and we do that by creating experiences for our community.” says Michael Tragash, Yelp Reno’s Community Manager. “The only way to really understand someone else’s situation is to experience it for yourself. We don’t want anyone to have to be in the situations that a lot of these women face, but if more of the community can understand their struggles, we will all be more aware and willing to help. Our hope is that through this experience, attendees will leave with a few more tools and the knowledge they need to do just that for more people in our community.”

The premise of this oversized escape room parallels true stories of hope inspired by women who have gone through the program at STEP2.  This experience has been designed to share their stories, in an engaging, immersive, real life setting. Unlike typical escape rooms, Break Through Reno’s group room allows groups of approximately 50, in teams of 8, to move through the experience together. Players will solve a series of puzzles to learn pieces of their friend Jane’s story, where she went, and how they can help.

“We are very excited about this collaboration,” says Kristian Kuharszky, Business Development Manager at Break Through Reno. “We have received so much from this community and it is time for us to give back.  We truly believe in STEP2’s cause and are excited to use our talents in this innovative way to bring awareness to this issue in our community, those working to solve it, the resources available and those who have made the commitment to solve it for themselves.”

This free, one-time escape room includes an educational experience regarding the challenges faced by some members of the Reno community.  We understand that these topics are sensitive and personal. Due to the nature of the content contained in this experience, only persons 18 and older are invited to attend.  This event is a fundraiser for STEP2 and there is a suggested $20 donation per person, which will go directly towards STEP2’s efforts to save lives and restore families.

“Collaborations such as this one are key to the success of STEP2,” says Mari Hutchinson, STEP2’s CEO. “We are extremely grateful for our community and hope that every person who experiences this event leaves with a deeper awareness of the struggles our women face and the services we offer.”

Those who would like to attend can visit www.step2reno.org for more information and to RSVP.  


About STEP2

STEP2 is a comprehensive residential and out-patient treatment program that provides women struggling to overcome substance abuse disorders, poverty and family violence the opportunity to rebuild their lives. Information about STEP2 is available on the company’s website and social media, which can be accessed via STEP2Reno.org.

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About Break Through Reno

Imagine being locked in a room full of mystery and you have to figure a way to get out! Break Through is an escape game designed for 3-6 people. This brain teasing game is full of challenges. Every corner, every wall, every drawer contains hints and clues that will help you escape…and you have 60 minutes to figure it out. Can you handle the pressure? Can you think outside the box? Can you break through?  For additional information about Break Through Reno, visit www.breakthroughreno.com.    

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