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Construction Begins on Affordable Apartment Complex

By ThisIsReno
Rendering courtesy of the Reno Housing Authority.
Rendering courtesy of the Reno Housing Authority.
Rendering courtesy of the Reno Housing Authority.

A ground-breaking ceremony was held today to celebrate the construction of a new affordable apartment complex. The Reno Housing Authority has 44 units coming up for senior citizens at Sutro Street and Hillboro Avenue near the Livestock Events Center and Washoe County government complex.

“This is a great day for Reno and for all of Northern Nevada,” said Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve, who also serves as an RHA board member.  “We’re celebrating the addition of more affordable housing and specifically for our seniors.”

RHA Executive Director Amy Jones said that the project is funded by lowincome tax credit funds and government grants, as well as private donations. The complex is named after Willie Wynn, a local preacher and the first African American to serve at a cabinet-level in Nevada government.

RHA will start accepting applications in the spring of 2020. Construction is expected to take about a year.

“The rent of any individual or family is based on their income compared to the median area income of the area, so renters can pay zero to full rent, depending on their situation,” said RHA spokesperson Brent Boynton. “Full rent for the finished apartments will be derived from the Low Income Tax Credit rates administered through the Nevada Housing Division.”

The ground-breaking comes as the greater Reno area is struggling with affordable housing.

“We challenge our friends and neighbors to join us in the work that lies ahead.  Affordable housing is the work of the entire community, and the Reno Housing Authority is eager to do our part,” Jones said.

UPDATE: The cost of the units for renters was added to this story with new information provided by RHA.



Dave Morgan May 22, 2019 - 4:07 pm

Here’s another example of quick build, high value, long lasting affordable housing.

Dave Morgan May 22, 2019 - 8:42 am

Typical stick-built construction is SOOOOO LAST CENTURY! AND IT’S EXPENSIVE!! That’s why it takes a year to complete. The world is soooo far ahead of the U.S. in terms of PROPERLY PRICED housing. Check out Sweden, Finland and Norway. They do modular mid-rise – three to four story apartments/condos for a lot lower cost and it takes only two months to create 100 units and for tenants to move in. Ground prep and utilities installation are going on while the modular units are being manufactured so when the units arrive, they are stacked and soon assembled for occupancy. Requiring a year to construct 44 units would be laughable if it wasn’t so profoundly dumb. C’mon Reno! Climb out of your rut and catch up to those who have mastered the obvious. The U.S. IS STARTING to get modular mid-rise manufacturers – one of them in Boise, ID. GuerdonModularBuildings.com. Others are emerging so we can shop them, just like buying a car. We don’t mass-build cars by hand. Today’s assembly lines are largely automated just like modular building manufacturing. Check them out!

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