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Axe Tossing Bar Opens Downtown


Toss an axe, toss back a coupla pints. Hopefully in that order.

Reno Axe is offering axe tossing at 100 North Sierra Street starting today. The bar just opened, and Dark Pursuit, a haunted labryinthian attraction, will open below Reno Axe in June.

Axe tossing’s becoming a thing. Reno Axe has six axe-throwing lanes, a full bar, and food menu. The idea is similar to darts–groups compete by hurling axes in the hopes of hitting a bullseye.

“After seeing how much fun people have at our escape rooms we knew it was time to bring another unique activity to northern Nevada,” said Reno Axe owner Phillippe Frayssinoux. “Reno has historically led the way when it comes to innovative ideas and we knew an axe-throwing bar would be the perfect addition to the Riverwalk District, but we couldn’t stop there.

“That’s why we’re also opening the area’s first year-round haunted maze located in the basement of Reno Axe.”

Both Reno Axe and Dark Pursuit are seeking groups for team-building, or just those who want to hurl an axe.



Visit renoaxe.com and darkpursuit.com.

SOURCE: Reno Axe.

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