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Annual Funding Approved For Downtown Business District (Subscriber Content)

By Bob Conrad
Image: Mike Higdon, downtown business improvement district.

Reno's Downtown Business Improvement District received approval today for new property tax assessments of businesses and residences within the BID. The annual property assessments, which fund the BID, were met with some objections.

Downtown Reno Ambassador.
Image: Ty O'Neil

Residents, business owners, and churches cited financial disparities -- and the ability for the city to levy fees -…

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Annual Funding Approved For Downtown Business District (Subscriber Content)
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Marlene Olsen May 13, 2019 - 9:49 am

We need to give the BID a chance and some time to make a difference. Or-we can do the same thing over and over (like we have) and expect different results.

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