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Video Puts Spotlight on The Plight of Reno’s Homeless

By Bob Conrad
Screengrab from Carl Adams’ “The Plight of Reno’s Homeless People” documentary.

Independent filmmaker Carl Adams said that he spent six months documenting the plight of Reno’s houseless population. “Many are sick, disabled, addicted, mentally ill or all of these. All are very poor. I wanted to show them as human beings with needs and rights. Most of all I want to emphasize the need for affordable housing in hopes of preventing additional homelessness.”

While Reno’s growing homeless population is not exactly a new topic, Adams’ documentary puts a face on the dire conditions faced by our houseless neighbors.

His portrayal is bleak. Which is a fitting descriptor for those who actually have to live in such dangerous and unhealthy conditions.

Adams is retired and films documentaries as a labor of love.

“I am free to pursue projects that interest me,” he told ThisisReno. “My film, ‘Wild Mustangs of Nevada,’ has well over 1 million views on YouTube. My projects are non commercial and self funded.”

Watch the 25-minute video below.


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