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PROFILE: Voices of Nevada Choir


Voices of Nevada Choir group held their third concert on April 13th and 14th. The concert featured traditional religious songs, such as “He is Risen,” classic songs, like “Amazing Grace,” and an original song being performed for the first time called “Bring Him Here.”

The group is still in its infancy, but it has already experienced growth and opportunity. Only being formed last summer, Voices of Nevada has already held two successful concerts and will be performing in Artown later this year.

Voices of Nevada formed through a strong church connection by spreading flyers and being mentioned during Sunday service. The choir is composed of about 25 members. While the religious ties are the core of the group, it isn’t limited.

“We’re hoping that at least half of the membership of our group is not Latter-day Saint in the future,” said Jon Marshall, the talent director for the group.

President of the Board, Richard Whittington, explained how he was inspired to create a choir group from his own experiences: “When I came out to Reno I found the choir community was shrinking.”

Whittington was determined to give to others the wonderful memories he had and thus began the hard work of forming a choir group.

“The intention of this choir group isn’t just for fun,” Marshall added. “We’re wanting to uplift and inspire the members, as well.”

The team has big dreams for the future. They’re hoping to expand their numbers and begin touring around Nevada. Marshall and Whittington talked of visiting hospitals, performing for businesses, and other exciting opportunities they plan on taking as the group progresses.

“We want to sing classic music, themed music for holidays, even Broadway songs,” Whittington mentioned.

Voices of Nevada is expanding If you were interested in joining, attending a concert, or learning more information visit their website www.voicesofnevada.blogspot.com

Kylie Masznicz
Kylie Masznicz
Kylie Masznicz is a recent graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, where she studied English with a concentration in writing with a minor in Communication Studies. She writes culture pieces for ThisIsReno, but her work has also been featured on Broadway Baby and Brushfire Literature & Arts Journal. Her goal is to write a novel. She enjoys art of all forms, but chooses to express her own creativity through writing, music, and nail art. She also collects Christmas sweaters and has enough to wear one everyday from Thanksgiving to New Years.