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Facing Divorce or Separation? Workshop Outlines Options, Process



The Divorce Options Workshop is a community service to inform couples about all their divorce choices. This includes divorce through self-representation, mediation, collaborative divorce, and court litigation, noting the pros and cons of each option. This workshop further provides non-biased information to help divorcing spouses understand the issues and tasks which need to be addressed to move forward with their transition from married to single life.

This 3-hour workshop is held on odd-numbered calendar months, on the second Saturday of the month, from 9:00AM to 12:00 noon, we will have specialists in the field of divorce, workshop is only $20. The next workshop is May 11, 2019.

As the effects of divorce affect the divorcing spouses far into the future, and most certainly impact the children, the choice of how to divorce should be made thoughtfully, rather than impulsively or reactively.

Each Divorce Options Workshop features a family law attorney, financial professional, and mental health professional working together to provide this information and answer questions. The workshop, which includes a take-home informational booklet, is not designed to answer case-specific questions but rather provide an overview of the process and tasks involved in dissolving a marriage. Information provided includes, but is not limited to, the division of property, assets, and finances, as well as collaborative parenting. With information gained from the Divorce Options Workshop, couples can more intelligently and respectfully plan their divorce through the process that best suits them.

This workshop is brought to you by the Nevada Collaborative Divorce Professionals (“NCDP”), a not-for-profit organization.

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