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Big Rent Increase Forces Residents to Move

By Bob Conrad
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44% rent increase sign.

Brooke Noble said she’s been living for four years in the Wells Avenue area, and a 44% rent increase is now forcing her to move.

“I’ve lived here for four years, and in this neighborhood for 10,” Noble told ThisisReno. “In my latest lease renewal my landlord raised my rent 44%, from $725/month to $1050/month. The justification for this increase is to ‘bring rents in line with the market value.’ I am outraged that this is legal — that landlords have no limits to how high they can raise rents, and they are…”

That’s not all: When her landlord announced the increase, Noble reached out to friends and the media to raise awareness about the issue. She was then hit with a cease-and-desist letter from the landlord’s attorney.

Noble said that the other residents at the complex, despite previously being offered an option to stay at a higher rate, were given lease non-renewal notices on Friday after Noble spoke with KTVN News Channel 2.

Watch a video below.

CORRECTION: The tenants were given lease non-renewal notices, not eviction notices, as originally reported.

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