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REVIEW: “The Wolves” at Good Luck Macbeth


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The Wolves is in an indoor league female soccer (football) team. The play, written by Renoite Sarah Delappe, is delightfully based in the Biggest Little City with Reno references sprinkled throughout — from local coffee shop stickers on water bottles to an actual high-school P.E. teacher mentioned in the script.

And what a script. The fast-paced dialogue among the troupe, mostly while stretching, doing drills, and juggling soccer balls, means a second, or third, viewing may be required to fully grasp both the hilarity and complexity of the production.

Image: Bob Conrad

The all-female cast represent adolescents as they struggle to make sense of world affairs, interpersonal relations, belonging, competitiveness, social hierarchies, female issues — “Ever played with your tampon in?” is one quip — and what it means to be a female team in a sports world dominated by males.

It’s a simple set: astroturf and soccer balls.

Good Luck Macbeth Art Director Joe Atack said the play, though written three years ago, is exceptionally relevant to issues happening today. He’s right.

The cast is exceptional. I attended Wednesday’s show which had a talkback session after the play. The women said that they could relate to their individual roles — “I love to say fuck,” one actor said — and their on-stage dialogue was peppered with the word “like” over and over. Same with the talkback.

The Wolves is incredibly revealing. While mostly a comedy, serious issues get raised throughout until a tragedy strikes. There are cryptic parts that appear deliberate which will make viewers wonder what is going on.

While not explicit, despite the competitiveness and occasional harsh outbursts among the teammates (there is plenty of adult language), what results is a deep bond that maintains and motivates the group despite obstacles, superficial and deep.

There are only a few shows left, this weekend and next, so catch it while you can.

Prepare to laugh. Prepare to be challenged. Highly recommended.

The Details


  • 11 – Cassady Anderson
  • 25 – Jesse Mae Briggs
  • 13 – Ella Santos
  • 46 – Hannah Gebensleben
  • 2 – Wendy Crenshaw
  • 7 – Emily Dunn
  • 14 – Brittney Graves
  • 8 – Madison McCluney
  • 00 – Abbey Shock
  • Soccer Mom – Darcy Lenardson (disclosure: Darcy is an editor for ThisisReno)

Dates: March 22, 23, 24m, 28, 29, 30

Tickets: $18 in advance / $20 at the door / $30 for Champagne seating.

​All performances are at 7:30pm, with the House opening at 7:00pm (except for our matinee performance March 24th, where the House will open at 1:30pm and show will begin at 2:00pm)

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