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OPINION: “Just One Guy’s Opinion”


Submitted by Brandon Deriso

I’d like to preface this piece by saying, I’m not a writer. I’m not a writer, I’m not an expert, I’m not a politician, I’m not a celebrity. I’m just a guy from Reno.  

I am, however, a guy with an opinion. I used to go around being all pushy about my opinion. I learned the hard way that people don’t really like that. These days, I just pray for people.  Whether I agree with them or disagree with them, I pray for them. Especially when it comes to political opinions. 

With that said, when it comes to political opinions, I have a trigger for those who disguise their opinions as facts. This leads me to my opinion and remember, it’s just one guys opinion. My opinion is about this page, Welcome to Beautiful Reno, Nv. The page and its content are just one person’s opinion. Or a few persons’ opinions, I guess. I only know of one admin, but there could be more.

I digress. The opinions expressed on that page are pretty radical, and I don’t mean in the totally tubular way. And although the admin is old enough that he probably used the phrase totally tubular in like a real way, so am I, so who am I to judge that?

One opinion the page expressed, for example, was that the mayor taking a selfie at campaign time and paying for it with city funds wasn’t really a big deal. Well that’s certainly one opinion! It so happens, I disagree with it, and here’s why.

Human beings, by our very nature, are social animals. So, during an election cycle, when a candidate takes a selfie with a plaza full of people and posts it to social media, the message conveyed is, “Look at all the people that are ‘with’ me.” As social animals, many people will see that selfie in their feeds and think, “Well if all those people support that candidate, I should/might/will too!”

Now, to me as a critical thinker, I understand that there is an inherent part of all of us that is fearful of being the one that isn’t included in the group. Hence, I saw the selfie with the mayor campaign as a coercion tactic targeting voters.

Cool. Good game! What isn’t cool, is that in my mind, paying for that with city funds does fall under a violation of ethics because city funds were used to pay for what amounts to a campaign stunt. “It’s part of the job,” was a nice way to skirt that, but it isn’t part of the job. Now, Welcome to Beautiful, NV, which has since begun referring to itself as, “the cool kids,” mocked the ethics complaint filed by the other candidate and the social animals following that page joined in the mocking. Me, I saw a lack of critical thought, but hey…! Just one guy’s opinion!

Ordinarily, I would let a page like that just disappear in my rear view.  Giving it attention is giving it attention, even if it is a criticism, but I couldn’t help but notice that recently, a local news source DID give some attention to this page. My bullshit-o-meter trigger was fully activated reading that piece. The outrage in my head harrumphed, “Pshh, they’ll give anybody a voice these days,” while the peace in my heart said, “Just pray for him, man.” 

So, praying for them is exactly what I am going to do.

Papa, who knows me better than I know myself, hear my prayer for [Welcome to Beautiful Reno, Nv ADMIN].

Father, I pray that [ADMIN] comes to understand that sarcasm is the lowest form of humor.

I pray [ADMIN] realizes that making fun of the suffering of others really isn’t that funny. Reveal to [ADMIN] that it’s not fun if it’s only fun for one.

I pray you father, help [ADMIN] realize the true and full value of [ADMIN]’s words when [ADMIN] says that [ADMIN] loves Reno.

I pray that [ADMIN] doesn’t just love getting attention from making fun of Reno and the struggles our city and its residents face.

Father thank you for hearing me, as I ask you to help [ADMIN] see that spreading opinions as fact while blocking anyone who dissents from those opinions does not constitute, ‘spreading responsible awareness.’ 

Father I ask you to help me unite my community to join me in asking for a better class of humor, cause frankly, Father, the page is really not that funny.  Kind of a one-trick pony, if ya know what I mean..

In your loving grace, Amen.


Cause let’s be real, Reno, the funniest thing that ever happened on that page was, “For a keyboard commando you sure have a big mouth. I’ll see you out there then I can adress you properly,” and that was said by Lorton, not [ADMIN].  

Again…..just one guy’s opinion.

About Brandon

I am a Saint Mary’s baby, born and raised in Reno. My family has roots here going back 3 generations and I love my home town. My perspective on life is born from a magnificent transformation ignited by a monumental failure. I was literally the model for, “how to do it wrong,” until the love of a great woman, the teachings of a great chef (shout out to my mentor, Clint Jolly) and the forgiveness of a good God showed me what it means to do it right. The kind of lessons I have learned have shown me that how I treat relationships with other people and with myself, is the difference between a happy life and a chaotic one. I’m still learning of course, and now I do it with a smile.

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