OPINION: Does A.G. Ford Speak For Us?

Opinion submitted by the Nevada Republican Assembly

Last month, Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford, decided he could represent all of Nevada when he joined a lawsuit challenging President Donald Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency to fund a border wall he has promised to build dating back to his presidential campaign.

According to Ford, “President Trump cannot side-step our Constitution for a political ploy.”

According to the “Washington Post,” there have been 30 national emergencies declared in recent years. There are 28 currently active. During their presidencies, Obama declared 12 and Bush declared 13 of these emergencies. Some of them have had to do with the Sudanese government, the Western Balkans, Albanians in Macedonia and Zimbabwe.

All protections for people of these countries. To our knowledge, there has never been a suit to stop a president’s declaration of a national emergency.

In all actuality, Trump’s declaration of emergency isn’t for a wall; the emergency is that we have a dysfunctional Congress, whose House refuses to work with the president. Democrat members of Congress and even past democrat presidents including Obama, have all wanted to secure our southern border with a wall. But now that Trump finally wants to protect the American people, rather than spending most of our defense dollars overseas for other countries’ protection, the hypocrites in Congress come out in force against him.

It’s particularly unconscionable for Ford to have signed on with this suit, considering the recent murders by an illegal alien, of Jerry and Sherri David, and Connie Coontz and Sophia Renken. If a stronger, more secure border wall had been in place, the murder of these four innocent people, in three separate incidents, may very well not have happened. The Angel Families in this country would agree.

For those who say there’s not an emergency, Border Patrol Agents and property owners along the border would disagree. Just one sector is getting 1,000 illegal entries a day. That’s 7,000 a week! How is this NOT an emergency? In just 2018, there were 266,000 criminal record arrests at the border, 100,000 assaults, 30,000 sex crimes, 25,000 burglaries, 4,000 kidnappings, and 4,000 violent murders, committed by illegals who were trying to sneak into our country.

The incarceration rates for illegals is THREE TIMES as that for American citizens. Do we really want our tax dollars spent on putting these illegals in prison here? Wouldn’t it be better if they just NEVER got over the border to commit crimes here? EVERY crime committed by an illegal, is one that should have NEVER happened.

Who gave Aaron Ford the right to speak for Nevadans? He does NOT speak for us! His action tells Nevadans and the rest of America, that he cares more for illegal aliens than U.S. Citizens.

Juanita Cox, President (775) 742-5617
Nevada Republican Assembly
NVRA The Conscience of the Republican Party

Dr. William Tarbell, President
Washoe County Chapter of the Nevada Republican Assembly

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  1. If only one ILLEGAL ALIEN (Wilber Ernesti Martinez-Guzman) had not come to northern Nevada, my two dear friends, Jerry and Sherri David and two other fine, decent and wonderful women would still be alive. This “accused” MURDERER is but one ILLEGAL ALIEN who terrorized our northern Nevada communities and has ruined so many lives by the loss of these fine upstanding community leaders. Please do not lecture me on why this is not an emergency! Please do not lecture me on why Nevadans must pay for our state to enjoin in a federal lawsuit against my President who has the sworn duty to protect us from these ILLEGAL ALIEN TERRORISTS! Racist? Democrats always want to use the RACE CARD. Why is RACE being discussed as this young man is CAUCASIAN! I am against MURDER and CRIMINALS and in this incident, an ILLEGAL ALIEN who allegedly MURDERED my friends to get DRUG MONEY! The question is about the LAW — the answer is STOP the INVASION NOW!

  2. The exact numbers don’t really matter. In the end it’s whether we have a problem. If you deny this problem then would you please have a chat with the last few heads of Border Patrol who would disagree with you? It’s been proven that walls work – in this country, as well as others. As far as crime committed by illegals, are these numbers not enough for you? http://fairus.org/issue/illegal-immigration/examples-serious-crimes-illegal-aliens
    Are these costs to the United States for illegal immigration insignificant? https://fairus.org/issue/publications-resources/fiscal-burden-illegal-immigration-united-states-taxpayers
    Is sex trafficking of illegals of no concern to you? https://www.ice.gov/factsheets/human-trafficking
    And so, in the end, you think more wall would have no impact on diminishing illegal immigration and would provide no further security for Border Agents? https://cis.org/Arthur/Border-Walls-Protect-Agents
    Since before Trump, the democrat party & its elected were all pro-wall, I can only say this issue has become totally partisan & those against it would sacrifice security for having the last word in their animosity towards Trump.

  3. Ah yes, the wall again. Border walls work. They work in California, Israel, and Hungary to name a few places. Mr. Kiser in his screed above engages in the usual ad hominem attacks that we have been putting up with for over two depressing years. He is also seriously factually challenged. My goodness this is getting tiresome. Enough! So what’s the problem? California has such a disfunctional government that people are fleeing in droves to get away from it as I did 15 years ago. They are flooding north from southern California into Las Vegas. Regrettably they are bringing their politics with them. The end result? Nevada as I know it was assassinated in 2018. We are now all Greater Clark County. Gone is the State I loved for its freedom, its fairness, and its accepting ways. Here is the new deep state where sure as God made little green apples our lives will be run by anonymous bureaucrats “who know better”. I grieve for my new loss of freedom.

  4. To answer your question, yes he does. Congress and American public opinion have spoken. He has failed to garner nbn er support for his personal notion of essential border security investment.

    His fake emergency order is a personal assault on the powers of Congress and should be rejected at every turn. That it is about billions of dollars to construct a stupid wall is immaterial.

  5. Thank you Mr. Kiser for clearing the air on immigration, legal and otherwise. I don’t know what happened to the Republican Party over the past 20 years. But this is not Dwight David Eisenhower’s GOP. It’s almost like the GOP are under siege…under attack and in dire fear of their lives. If anyone or any group makes it a habit to drive with their rear-view mirrors in a willful act of “Back to the Future,” that group needs to be called out on it. Times are changing. The World is changing and anyone who runs around saying the “sky is falling, the sky is falling!”, when it’s not, deserves to be ignored. As for murders in this country, illegal alien murders are far, far less than murders committed by legal Americans. The American people are “getting it” that conservatism, as defined by today’s GOP, is a roadmap for the LAST century – not the one that is unfolding in front of us. We’ll do better because we can do better. And America is better than the current Republican Party.

    — Dave Morgan

  6. Almost nothing in your opinion is factual.

    First, Presidential Declarations of National Emergencies. When a President has declared a National Emergency it has been to PROHIBIT economic trade or invoke sanctions AGAINST that country. The actions did not benefit that country, so when you said, “All protections for people of these countries,” it was either out of ignorance or deception because the people in these countries were being sanctioned, not protected. An overview of past National Emergencies:

    Reagan: 6 – All involving export controls or prohibiting trade, mostly to specific countries.
    Bush 41: 5 – All involving export controls or prohibiting trade, mostly to specific countries.
    Clinton: 17 – All involving export controls or prohibiting trade, mostly to specific countries.
    Bush 43: 13 – All involving export controls or prohibiting trade, mostly to specific countries.
    Obama: 12 – All involve export controls or prohibiting trade, mostly to specific countries.

    NONE of these declared National Emergencies involved funding that benefited another country. They were all done to benefit the values of the United States of America.

    Second, if your concern is illegal immigrants coming into the United States, where is your concern about how people really get into this country: through an airport, legally. Yes, most people in this country, of all races, arrive legally in this counrty as a visitor. They just don’t go back to their home country. The Wall is a complete waste of money in addressing the problem you are allegedly so concerned about.

    Third, you claim that one sector has 1,000 illegal immigrants enter each day. You leave out where that sector is and where you are getting your information from, which is probably intentional on your part.

    As for the numbers you present regarding arrests at the Border, your facts are completely wrong according to data from Customs and Border Protection. A TOTAL of 6,698 people were arrested with ANY criminal record for ALL of 2018 (SEE: https://www.cbp.gov/newsroom/stats/cbp-enforcement-statistics/criminal-alien-statistics.) You seem to pull data out of the air to support your claim.

    You were correct about one thing. A.G. Ford does not speak for everyone in Nevada. He does not speak for racists or liars. I think that is a good thing.

    • Hold everything! The race card has been played! All intelligent discussion shall cease at this point and the player of the race card shall be deemed ‘the winner’ of this discussion. But please allow me to address your statement “The Wall is a complete waste of money in addressing the problem you are allegedly so concerned about.” Have you not seen the hordes that are invading our southern border? No, they don’t all come through our airports legally. A wall would deter many potential illegal immigrants, just ask Israel, the Vatican, East Berlin, the Chinese, etc. etc. etc.

    • Interesting that you think a TOTAL of 6,698 people were arrested in all of 2018 for criminal records, is acceptable. How many would be unacceptable? AG Ford does not speak for me on this issue and I am not a racist or a liar.

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