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Prado Ranch: A Master-Planned Community


Prado Ranch, a proposed Lemmon Valley development is a master-planned community that will introduce a mix of affordable housing, and Industrial and commercial real estate, as well as stormwater mitigation to ensure that the development both elevates the quality of life for residents and preserves the character of the region—allowing the peaceful, idyllic standard to living to continue, while helping local residents thrive even as more homes, businesses and critical services like fire and emergency response serve the region.

Some of the benefits of the proposed Prado Ranch community include elevating and widening Lemmon Drive to provide continuous safe access to the community for residents and first-responders; connection of Lear Boulevard from Lemmon Drive west towards Military Road at the existing terminus to allow for improved emergency response times and 130+ acres of open space adjacent to Swan Lake to be used for stormwater mitigation.

The Prado Ranch project makes infrastructure solutions a priority in Lemmon Valley well in advance of any public capital improvement plan and is entirely developer funded. This commitment to regional partnership is a cornerstone of the Lansing development model and confers benefits on existing residents that are otherwise unavailable through government processes alone.


To learn more please visit Pradoranchfacts.com

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