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Enter A New Reality With Need 2 Speed

By Muse Group

WHO: Need 2 Speed Indoor Kart Racing 

WHAT: Need 2 Speed is introducing an exciting, new virtual reality attraction to the Reno market. The Hologate experience will transport players to a new reality with an immersive and physically engaging experience. Interactive, haptic vests allow people to ‘feel’ the game, and immerse players in a suspenseful, engrossing game environment.  

“This will be the best VR experience in Reno with great appeal to current customers” said Chris Utgaard, owner, “We are excited about it.” 

With Hologate’s top-of-the-line, advanced graphic technology, Need 2 Speed can transport players to a variety of virtual worlds where they might find themselves in a snowball fight, battling robots, or fighting off a hoard of incoming zombies. Hologate is one of the most award-winning, multiplayer virtual reality platforms in the world that creates a new dimension for players.  

WHEN: February 22, 2019 

WHERE: Need 2 Speed, 6895-B Sierra Center Parkway in South Reno. 

WHY: Experience an attraction with exciting games that are designed for all skill levels; they are easy to learn and difficult to master. Keep playing to discover new worlds, obtain the high score, and earn bragging rights among your friends. This attraction seeks the enjoyment of all ages and is the next-level of immersive entertainment. 

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