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County Approves Wildcreek Land Transfer

By Bob Conrad
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Wildcreek Golf Course
Washoe County School District's Pete Etchart. Photo: Bob Conrad.
Washoe County School District’s Pete Etchart. Photo: Bob Conrad.

The Washoe Board of County Commissioners today approved a land transfer for the Wildcreek Golf Course to the Washoe County School District. The unanimous approval by the commissioners is the latest development for the property slated for the new Wildcreek High School, tentatively scheduled to be built starting in 2020.

The new school, to be constructed with WC1 money, is expected to relieve overcrowding at Spanish Springs High School, said the school district’s Pete Etchart. Hug High School is expected to be converted into a career and technical education academy.

The school district purchased the property in December for $5.1 million. Today’s approval by the county commission was for a cooperative agreement and setting the terms for the property transfer that included water rights, an effluent agreement, rights to a golf management agreement, and a ditch maintenence agreement.

Numerous people spoke against the project. They cited concerns over traffic, flooding, and loss of wildlife habitat. The “Save Wildcreek” group has been fighting the project since 2017. A lawsuit against Wildcreek High School was dismissed last year.

The school district’s plans for the property include keeping some golf and open space while also providing a buffer between the high school and nearby residences.

Students and building trades professionals spoke in favor of the new high school.

UPDATE: Washoe County School District posted on Twitter yesterday, in response to this story, “that a whole bunch of folks spoke in favor, since you mention the few who spoke against.”

Twenty people spoke in favor of the transfer and 22 spoke against it or requested the project be delayed, according to data provided by Washoe County. One letter was submitted in support of the project.

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