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Cannabis Connection: Sierra Well Named Best Boutique by Leafly

By ThisIsReno

By Kaitlin Young

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Sierra Well, a Reno marijuana dispensary, was named best boutique dispensary in 2018 by Leafly’s Best in State: 2018’s Top Cannabis in Nevada (21+).

Dedicated to making marijuana approachable and breaking the stigma that is associated with cannabis use, Sierra Well has heavily invested in providing exceptional personalized customer service across a wide array of outlets.

What is a boutique dispensary anyway?

Leafly crowned Sierra Well as a boutique dispensary, but what exactly does that mean? Boutiques often offer a select assortment of goods, leaning on experience and positioning themselves as experts in their space. Sierra Well shines when it comes to their cannabis display and open floor plan. Complete with CannaPod and dab bars, customers can see/smell every strain of flower for sale at their own pace.

“When I think of boutiques, I think of a very personalized experience,” said Sierra Well CEO Fernando Leal. “We wanted to create an open space, just like what we have here in Nevada. Our whole goal was to make people feel like they aren’t rushed. We’re here to listen.”

Sierra Well’s focus on personalization seems to be a cornerstone of their daily operations. For those on a time crunch, customers can order express pickup online, over the phone, or even use their live web chat feature. Orders will be ready when you arrive, without having to even enter the showroom. If you have reservations showing your face at a local dispensary, Sierra Well solves that problem by offering a free delivery service for any order, no matter the quantity.

Not sure what to order or looking for a better understanding of a product? Sierra Well has a dedicated local call center where you can speak with a real person and ask questions with no time limit, regardless if you choose to purchase products from their dispensary or not.

Block Party

Sierra Well has big plans for 2019. On top of expanding their educational call center and free delivery service, they’re launching a weekly marijuana farmers market in their newly purchased lot adjacent to the dispensary on E. 2nd St. Similar to what Acres Cannabis is doing in Las Vegas, current plans include a rotating speaker series, live concerts, and a diverse showing of northern Nevada cannabis vendors. Think of it as a mini public cannabis trade show.

“It’s really intended to allow people to come and talk to the people that are actually making the products that are being sold in their community,” said Leal.

Event programming will launch on April 20, 2019, aka 4/20. Current promotions and events, including their current “21 Days of Wellness” can be found on Sierra Well’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as sierrawell.com (21+).

Kaitlin Young

Kaitlin Young

Kaitlin Young is a freelance writer and digital strategist/social media consultant based in Reno. When not beaming in the glow of her laptop, she stays busy practicing the ukelele, hanging out with her husband Kyle, and providing the cuddliest of snuggles to her three black labs.


Eric Castillo January 4, 2019 - 5:03 pm


Eric Castillo January 4, 2019 - 5:02 pm

Very nice article, Kaitlyn. Excited for the Block Party on 4/20!

Kaitlin Young January 6, 2019 - 3:32 pm

Thanks so much Eric!

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