REVIEW: Anne Brigman Exhibit at Nevada Museum of Art

By Kylie Masznicz

Image: Kylie Masznicz

The Anne Brigman exhibit at the Nevada Museum of Art is an original and distinctive feature that local art lovers must see. This exhibit is the largest collection of Brigman’s work to date and is structured to follow her life through her art.

Brigman was unique in that she didn’t begin photography till much later in her life — her 30s. This was around the time she married her husband, whom she separated from soon after her photography started. I found the “Finding Freedom” section of the exhibit the most inspiring. It featured art from around the time of Brigman’s separation from her husband. The images from that period held the most contrast and fluidity.

Brigman’s photography follows Victorian-era style, which uses a hands-on editing technique to alter the photographs to appear almost painting-like.

The museum broadcasted her editing process through a step-by-step presentation. It was surprising to see the original photo compared to the final with added depth and imagery.

The exhibit was built to be sleek and modern, which contrasted well with Brigman’s Victorian work. Most of her photography has tones of sepia, so the white walls and large frames forced them to be the star of the show. The eye is immediately drawn to the art.

Image: Kylie Masznicz

This modern layout also paired well with Brigman’s morals. In the early ’90s, when Brigman created her art, women were expected to cover up and present themselves a certain way. Brigman broke this mold by photographing female nude silhouettes with nature. Her art is not meant to be viewed as erotica, but rather how the feminine body interacts with nature.

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Text on the wall helps guide you through her work and pivotal points in her life. There are also phone numbers scattered throughout for you to call and hear more about the art and time period. This feature is excellent for those who can’t book a tour but still want to hear more information regarding Brigman and her philosophy.

The exhibit also features other types of art Brigman has created, including poetry and linoleum print.

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The Anne Brigman exhibit runs through January 27, 2019 at the Nevada Museum of Art. I went on a tour guided by docent Linda, and she was very well informed and a joy to be around.


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