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Off Public Assistance and On Her Own

By ThisIsReno

For 10 years, single mother Cassandra Aragon used Housing Choice Vouchers to help with rent for herself and her two children.

With the Reno Housing Authority’s Workforce Development program, though, she was able to save any extra money she made, graduating the program with over $13,000 dollars saved. Now she’s able to move into her own home.

“My kids are so excited, and that makes me more excited,” she said. “We can plant a garden. We can get a dog. We’re going to get to paint our own walls. Having your own home makes a huge difference. I’m so happy and I’m so thankful.”

This accomplishment didn’t come easy. Aragon said that at one point she even worked three jobs, but she never gave up in order to support her kids.

“Cassandra is the kind of success story that inspires all of us,” said Reno Housing Authority Executive Director Amy Jones. “She was embarrassed to ask for help, but she came to the Reno Housing Authority so she could support her children. She worked hard and pushed herself to get ahead. And now, she’s no longer getting federal assistance. She’s moving into her very own house that she’s buying with money she earned in our program.”


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