Lime Bikes Hibernate for Winter

Image: Bob Conrad

Fleet Size Reduced for December

Lime Bikes, those pay-to-ride green bicycles seen around town, are partly going away for the winter. Only 150 are available during December.

“These storms brought more snow to Reno than we had anticipated,” said Stefanie Serradet, Lime’s regional operations manager. “Winter is here and fewer people are riding. We also understand there is still a need and want to help those loyal customers get where they need to go.”

The company boasts increased ridership in the Reno area since its launch, which helps reduce the reliance on cars, but the company has come under fire by the city for unleashing scooters without permission. Critics accuse the company of acting first and begging for forgiveness later.

Santa Barbara’s City Council had to enact an emergency ordinance after Lime unloaded the scooters onto city streets and sidewalks in defiance of city orders.

Noozhawk reported in July that “Councilman Eric Friedman was equally enraged by Lime. He said there was ‘no trust’ between him and Lime.”

Ditto for Reno. 

Then Councilmember Paul McKenzie criticized the company in September for putting its scooters on city streets.

“I’m completely offended that our attorneys told you this was illegal and you choose to ignore them,” he said. “I’m not at all happy and I’m not ready to forgive or forget.”

The company’s temporary trial to operate here continues through January 2019.

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