REVIEW:“The Golden Girls Live! Holiday Special” at Good Luck MacBeth

By Kylie Masznicz

Golden Girls at Good Luck Macbeth
Image: Kylie Masznicz

Good Luck MacBeth Theatre presents “The Golden Girls Live! Holiday Special,” a live action re-make of the beloved show’s most popular holiday episodes.

As someone who has never seen the T.V. show before, I was still able to laugh along and enjoy this performance. It’s appropriate for those of all ages, and the most avid fan to the incredibly clueless will have a good time at this play.

Walking into the theater you’re greeted with a set reminiscent of grandma’s house. The audience buzzed at the distasteful décor and couldn’t wait for the scenes of their favorite T.V. show to come to life. The original Golden Girls show was shot in front of a live studio audience, so it feels like witnessing what many were able to back when the show was running.

Each ticket receives a program with a Bingo card, and one lucky audience member will win the prize being given out that day.

This production isn’t quite like Golden Girls, however. Instead of Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia being played by sassy and comedic elderly women, this production features all men dressed in drag. Oddly, each actor encompassed their character as if they were the original actresses, and the difference was barely noticeable after the initial introductions.

The production kept true to the show and it still felt like Golden Girls despite this change. It allowed for jokes to be told in different ways, and it’s easy to grow to love the new forms of the classic characters and their quirks.

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Between scenes and set changes, commercials played like you would see in the mid-’80s when Golden Girls originally aired. This was a creative way to distract the audience from the breaks and help them feel like they were being brought back to time and enjoying these holiday specials for the first time. The commercials were also hilarious and kept everyone entertained during these usually boring set changes.

Another unique aspect to this production was the intermission Bingo being hosted by the character Sophia Petrillo. It was quite impressive to see Ian Sorensen, who plays Sophia, respond back with in-character and witty remarks.

Each ticket receives a program with a Bingo card, and one lucky audience member will win the prize being given out that day. Prizes range from dessert from a local bakery, to a free round of golf, to a season pass to Good Luck MacBeth!

If you’re feeling nostalgic this Christmas, consider seeing “The Golden Girls Live! Holiday Special” at Good Luck MacBeth theatre.

Golden Girls at Good Luck Macbeth

The Details

  • Web:
  • Directed by Ashley Marie James
  • Created by Susan Harris

Evening Show Dates: 11/30, 12/1, 12/5, 12/6, 12/7, 12/8, 12/15, 12/19, 12/20, 12/21,12/22

  • House Opens at 7:00 PM
  • Show Begins at 7:30 PM

Matinee Show Dates: 12/2, 12/9, 12/16

  •  House Opens at 1:30 PM
  • Show Begins at 2:00 PM


  • $18in Advance
  • $20 at the Door
  • $30 VIP includes champagne & cheesecake bites front row seating


  • Christopher Daniels as Blanche Devereaux
  • Bill Ware as Dorothy Zbornak
  • Luke Allen as Rose Nylund
  • Ian Sorensen as Sophia Petrillo
  • Nick Ramirez as Santa/Stan Zbornak
  • John Wade as Mr. Thurber/Father Avery
  • Abel Echeverria as Mr. Myer/Albert
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