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Giving Thanks: Meet The Estipona Group


Image: The Estipona Group.

Editor’s note: This Is Reno would like to thank the businesses and organizations that have been supportive of us in the recent past. To say thanks, we offered our ongoing advertisers space to introduce themselves to the other fine folks who keep our operation alive and growing — you, our readers. We’ll be running these features throughout December. Thank you for your support. – Bob

Who are you?

The Estipona Group is a creative agency. Essentially, we help people make a living doing what they love by helping them grow and connect with audiences — through advertising, social media, websites, podcasts, app development, media relations, customized MadLibs, etc. Our tagline is “Communications and whatnot,” because we do a little bit of everything. On behalf of clients we have tweeted at the Pope, pitched Playboy and programed award-winning websites. Though not at the same time. Regardless of the situation, our goal is helping our clients gain attention — the good kind, born of sound strategy.

What have you accomplished since inception?

We geek out about numbers. For example, we love that we helped Race 178 increase total Instagram followers by 38 percent over one weekend (which was 152 percent of goal btw) and executed a campaign for Charter College that resulted in a 292% increase in prospective students year-over-year.And while those numbers rock, we’re equally proud of what we do for our community. As a legit thank-you to the community that has helped us thrive, in 2018, we completed 25 good deeds for 25 years in business, ranging from throwing birthday parties for homeless children to collecting 14,000+ diapers for a women’s charity and beyond. And spoiler alert: In 2019, we’re rolling out something positively epic that will accomplish even more. Stay tuned!

Why should folks work with you?

Quite simply, we are nice folks doing groovy work for brands we care about. If you are, in turn, a nice folk, and you are not harming people/things through your efforts, then you should totally reach out. But be aware: Jargon and clichés make us feel stabby. Instead, our happy place means finding clients who want innovative approaches to communication, who want to make a difference, who embrace technology and who love partners-in-communication-crime (to be clear not like, crime-crime). We’re local, we’re bright, we may be a little sarcastic and sometimes sweary, but we’re all kickass collaborators, and we thrive on challenges and creativity. And caffeine. But mostly the challenges and creativity.

What are you most proud of?

Of course we’re humbled by every ADDY, ACE, Silver Spike, Telly, bank marketing, arts advertising, Governor’s 1,000 Points of Light and healthcare innovation recognition we’ve received. We’re proud of the impact we’ve had on community health, like creating campaigns that help improve state-wide vaccination rates on behalf of Immunize Nevada. We also love the fact that a client once asked us to stop a campaign because their team wasn’t able to process every lead – it was “too successful.” But at the end of the day, we feel most honored to represent a roster of successful clients executing super-solid strategies. Oh, and we’re also proud of our mission statement, which we work to reflect on a daily basis: Work smart. Play hard. Do good and whatnot. 

How can people get ahold of you?

Estipona Group
Edward Estipona, 775-786-4445

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