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Giving Thanks: Meet KPS3

By ThisIsReno

We are KPS3

Editor’s note: This Is Reno would like to thank the businesses and organizations that have been supportive of us in the recent past. To say thanks, we offered our ongoing advertisers space to introduce themselves to the other fine folks who keep our operation alive and growing — you, our readers. We’ll be running these features throughout December. Thank you for your support. – Bob

1.     What is KPS3?

We are a digital-first agency with roots in the written word, delivering purposeful marketing, branding and public relations focused on moving companies toward universal growth. KPS3 knows that opportunity can be found through data. We help companies act on that data to connect brand-centric creative with quantifiable insights, driving bottom line results.

2.     What is your business most proud of in recent years?

We have been around for 27 years, so not sure we can pick just one! Since KPS3 began in Reno, we have helped thousands of companies, businesses, non-profits and government agencies tell their story and create business growth. We help enterprises discover what is possible and go forth, reaching for the stars.

As we head into 2019, we are in growth mode. We are entering new markets, have hired five new people since the summer, added new clients and are moving forward in a positive fashion.

Plus we bought our building that we are now in on Ryland, and the construction and remodel should be wrapped for us to start the new year! We are excited about our new home!

3.     What does KPS3 offer?

In a world where decisions are made based on data and analysis, KPS3 helps brands drive business growth by bringing insights to life through innovative creative, media, technology, public relations, branding and storytelling in a digitally driven landscape.

4.     What are you most proud of?

Our team and the culture we have built together. We’re right-brainers, left-brainers, tech nerds and creatives, outdoors people, home chefs, moms, dads, artists, and builders — and somehow we all enjoy and celebrate who we are as individuals and who we become as a team. I mean, where else can you work where the COO wears moose slippers at his desk? And by the way, this team also includes our clients — we are merely an extension of them.

5. How can people get ahold of you?


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