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Giving Thanks: Meet Immunize Nevada

By ThisIsReno

Editor’s note: This Is Reno would like to thank the businesses and organizations that have been supportive of us in the recent past. To say thanks, we offered our ongoing advertisers space to introduce themselves to the other fine folks who keep our operation alive and growing — you, our readers. We’ll be running these features throughout December. Thank you for your support. – Bob

What is Immunize Nevada?

Immunize Nevada is a statewide nonprofit committed to making healthy futures possible for Nevadans of all ages through immunization advocacy, education, and outreach. As a trusted and accessible resource for vaccine and preventative health information, our diverse, dedicated coalition works together to promote health and prevent disease. We believe supporting evidence-based programs improves immunization rates, and we connect people with reliable information, resources, and access to life-saving vaccines.

We’re also bold — we set big goals, persist in the face of challenges, and take risks to uncover solutions. We save lives from Reno to Las Vegas, and everywhere in-between.

What have you accomplished?

A decade ago Nevada’s immunization rates for toddlers were the lowest in the country; we were doing an abysmal job of protecting our youngest and most vulnerable Nevadans. Not only have those rates jumped twenty percentage points, but we are above the national average and now ranked 24th.

We often hear about how Nevada is always at the bottom of the good lists and at the top of the bad lists; this health rankings milestone deserves celebration. Nevada’s success is due to the perseverance and collaborative efforts of Immunize Nevada and all of our partners – it indeed takes an entire community to ensure everyone is vaccinated on time, every time.

What does Immunize Nevada offer?

Nonprofit organizations are a vital part of a thriving community, and we depend on the generosity of locals to help us achieve our mission. While Immunize Nevada has made great strides, there are large immunization gaps in families living below the poverty level, and a substantial amount of misinformation continues to be shared online.

Families utilize our organization as a trusted resource not only to connect with information to help them get vaccinated but also for credible answers to their questions. Vaccines are one of public health’s greatest achievements; millions of people once died from the diseases we’re all now protected against.

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of our incredible and award-winning team of staff, board, and volunteer superheroes. Team Vaccine unites our powers, utilizes creative thinking, finds humor when needed most, and leverages our strengths to save lives. We are passionate about promoting health and preventing disease, excel at battling internet trolls, fight flu with a vengeance, and have embraced working statewide.

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Most of all we’re flexible – one day we’re dealing with a measles outbreak and another day a celebrity’s opinion that’s gone viral. There’s never a dull moment in our offices, and the positive impact of our mission keeps us coming back each day. It takes a village to create healthy communities, and I’m grateful for ours.

How can people get ahold of you?

Heidi Parker, Executive Director
775 624-7117

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