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New Sculptures Added to Reno Playa Art Project Downtown


Methuselah” Photo by Rae Candent
Methuselah” Photo by Rae Candent

New outdoor art is coming to downtown

New art pieces will be added to the Playa Art Project including “Tonglen” a towering head sculpture by Ryan Mathern;  and “Methuselah,” a scale model of the oldest Bristlecone Pine tree by Misha Niman and Gray Davidson with Majorelle Arts.

They will be joining ongoing projects; “Chicken and Egg Situation,” featuring a gigantic steel frame chicken, fabricated by local artist Andy Tibbetts at The Generator; “The Ten Principles,” commemorating the Burning Man ethos by Scott Froschauer; “Sunrise Sunset Horseshoe Bench” creating a space for conversation by Mike Grey, “Scultura di Colletivo” a winged framework to inspire photos by Kyle Larrain and “Trasparenza,” a sparkling crystal crown by Andrea Greenlees.

The free public art project, on Virginia Street near Fifth Street, features interactive sculptures that appeared on the playa at Burning Man. This marks the project’s third consecutive year on a site formerly occupied by two condemned motels.

“Artech is excited to collaborate with Reno’s Art and Culture Commission and Burning Man for another year,” said Maria Partridge, Burning Man’s Playa Art project manager. In addition to these new art pieces, a mural by Joe C. Rock serves as a picturesque backdrop for the park.

Opening reception

The new art installations will be officially unveiled on Saturday, October 20th from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. The event includes fire performances from Controlled Burn, food trucks and beverage stations, and music by local art cars.

Tonglen” by Ryan Mathern; Photo by Leori Gil
Tonglen” by Ryan Mathern; Photo by Leori Gil
Methuselah” Photo by Rae Candent_
Methuselah” Photo by Rae Candent_
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