Anti-Semitism and Bigotry on Rise in Reno and Around The Nation (Opinion)

Submitted by Hillel of Northern Nevada

In the wake of the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh anti-Semitic flyers have been plastered across the country suggesting a Jewish conspiracy in opposition of Justice Kavanaugh. The flyers come from a well-known hate group, “Daily Stormer Book Club,” who bills themselves as advocates of rape legalization.

Most recently the flyers have been found on college campuses around the nation, but also here in Reno they were affixed to and around Temple Emanu-El. This temple has been vandalized and even firebombed, yet is still a place where both students and the greater Jewish community are welcomed to pray, study, and worship.

While the community is reeling from these acts of blatant hate, such an affront cannot be ignored. We as individuals, and as a Jewish community fully support the first amendment and the right to free speech, even when the speech is vulgar.  But, we do not support the trespassing upon private property, defacing, or vandalizing any house of worship of any religion. Bigoted and racist vandalism is not limited to the Jewish community of Reno. On Sunday, October 14th, an African American woman running for local political office had signs vandalized in a racist manner.

It is time for Reno locals and officials to stand up and in a unified voice and proclaim: “this is our home, and there is no place for this narrow-minded hatred here.” These acts are a violation of our contemporary community standards and they demand a response. Our response is not one of hate but is one of unwavering support for our Reno family – no matter their race, religion, creed, or identity.

As individuals and as a group we condemn bigotry in all forms. We understand that this is part of a larger campaign of hate, but we choose to respond unafraid. As people of conscience and ethics, as friends, as a community, and as Nevadans we condemn the demonizing rhetoric and vandalism. We condemn anti-Semitism and racism in the strongest possible terms and will not fear it, or tolerate it in our city, on our campuses, in our state, or in our nation.


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  1. LOL.. I KNEW it wouldn’t be long before someone blamed it on Trump…..
    Lets see… WHO has been sending military supplies to Israel? WHO moved our embassy to Jerusalem? WHO do the REAL Jews in this country support?? (and by “real Jews, I dont mean the likes of Feinstein, Shulmer, Bloomberg etc. who probably would be the first to help coax the Jews back into the gas chambers)….
    I know the “whites” are being blamed for this… but really … WHO REALLY hates the Jews in this world??? (and we are importing them by the thousands)

  2. Good for Hillel! They are spot on. If only we as a country took on the white hot hatred and mendacity displayed in the matter of the Kavanaugh advise and consent hearings! This honorable man and his family were savaged by liars with unsubstantiated claims. They did it for political gains. It would have made one of the ugliest men in our history, Saul Alinsky, proud. His thesis was morality be damned. The result justifies any means. In a more general sense this is what has to be excised from all our current public dialogue. Democrats, are you listening?

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