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Twelve New Firefighters Welcomed to Reno Fire Department

By ThisIsReno

By Victoria Janicke

Twelve recruit firefighters graduated from the Reno Fire Department Academy yesterday, August 30, 2018. Their 17 weeks of training included Emergency Medical Services, vehicle extractions, water rescues, and of course training related to fighting fires.

The graduation commencement ceremony highlighted the efforts that went into producing the newest firefighters. From the loving-support of the families that packed the McKinley Arts & Culture Center, to the crowded filled with proud, supportive brothers and sisters in uniform, the sense of unity and pride was evident.

Companies, crews, departments, chiefs and everyone who volunteered to help train the recruits at the Academy — even on their days off — were heartily thanked.

The new firefighters will be working alongside more senior firefighters over a probationary period to continue to learn and fine tune their skills.



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