PODCAST: Welcoming the ‘Kings of Reno’


On this week’s show, Ed and Dave talk about the Brett Kavanaugh nomination and subsequent train wreck. The pair also discuss why Reno is such a great city, some of the reasons for Reno’s greatness, and the entire purpose of the Kings of Reno podcast. Dave treats listeners to a new poem, and the pair review Donald Trump’s latest outrage. As always, the podcast employs salty language at times, but only when it is absolutely unnecessary.


PODCAST: 'Kings of Reno' Discuss Criminal Justice Reform
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  1. I listened to this for four minutes, and that was all I could take. I don’t know Ed, but I do know Dave from his scribblings on these august pages. They start off the podcast by admitting with considerable pride that they are bullshit artists. I agree. (Don’t they know little children are listening?) Then they talk about why it is necessary for Reno to hear what they have to say. Really? If that’s true why do they have to pay for their time? And if so, why am I the first one to comment on this? Why aren’t journalists pounding down their door for an interview?

    No, Dave is the same old Dave, full of a hatred that is incandescent and full of hot air but with no substance in sight. Keep up the good work, gentlemen. ThisIsReno.com can probably use the money. I am in favor of that. Since you have nothing of substance to say you will probably do no harm.

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