PODCAST: “Kings of Reno” ‘Cast Talks Kavanaugh


On this week’s Kings of Reno podcast, Edwin and Dave talk about the only thing that ANYONE is talking about, the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. Also, the pair discuss a few things to do around Reno (hint: the Nevada City Celtic Festival), and we reprise our favorite segment of F*** That Guy, naming the people in politics this week who have most disgraced themselves.


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PODCAST: 'Kings of Reno' Discuss Criminal Justice Reform
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1 Comment

  1. I had such high hopes for a podcast called “Kings of Reno,” too.
    When it comes to Conservatives in power, you Lockstep Leftists have one rallying cry: “Guilty until proven innocent!” (And even then we’ll question all the proof forever.)
    I know… I know… You want to live in a world where all you need to derail ANY Conservative is a random woman claiming a vague recollection of any kind of wrong-doing, decades in the past. How amazingly convenient for you.
    You still think the Duke La Cross Team is guilty. That Clarence Thomas is guilty. That Tawana Brawley was indeed raped repeatedly by an NYC Assistant DA and a State Trooper. While simultaneously insisting that Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and every other woman to accuse Bill Clinton of RAPE (not rough fondling; RAPE) were just not credible enough for your refined intuitions.
    Well played, leftist lemmings. Well played.

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