PHOTOS: Reno Garlic Festival

If you like garlic, Pat Baker Park was the place to be on Saturday. Reno Garlic Festival drew a big crowd to enjoy the pungent bulb, despite getting hit with rain showers late in the day.

Raw bulbs of a great variety were on sale, and garlic infused dishes were also plentiful. Garlic bread, garlic infused honey, garlic ice cream, and more were all there in a celebration of garlic.

Garlic Festival 2018-13
Garlic Festival 2018-12
Garlic Festival 2018-11
Garlic Festival 2018-10
Garlic Festival 2018-9
Garlic Festival 2018-8
Garlic Festival 2018-7
Garlic Festival 2018-6
Garlic Festival 2018-5
Garlic Festival 2018-4
Garlic Festival 2018-3
Garlic Festival 2018-2
Garlic Festival 2018-1
Ty O'Neil
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  1. I love seeing these festivals I’ve MISSED…. (maybe it was up here and I missed it)?? It sure wasn’t on any local radio or TV I heard.
    I know advertising is expensive…. but “promotors”,,, maybe a little advance warning

  2. I hope this turns into an annual event since I’m now a Reno resident. Loved going to the Gilroy Garlic Festival for years! It is always fun, festive with great food, people and music.

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