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Park Lane Associates Announces Partnership with Lyon Living

By ThisIsReno
Image: Park Lane Associates.
Image: Park Lane Associates.

Image: Park Lane Associates.


Park Lane, the master-planned community on the corner of Plumb Lane and South Virginia Streets, today announced a partnership with Lyon Living, a company that has created highly innovative multi-family and mixed-use projects in California, Colorado, Georgia and Florida.

“Park Lane is all about the benefits of living and working in a neighborhood that spotlights the best of urban experience in the heart of Reno,” said Chip Bowlby, President and CEO of Reno Land Inc., which is spearheading Park Lane. “Lyon Living combines its innovative approach with more than 50 years of experience in development to bring fulfilling lifestyle experiences to the residents of high-quality neighborhoods.”

Bowlby said Reno Land Inc. conducted an extensive search to find a partner that understood his company’s vision for a trend-setting, engaging neighborhood that strengthens Reno’s position as one of the nation’s most vibrant emerging markets.

“We are thrilled to bring our signature experience-driven design to Reno and partner with Park Lane Associates,” said Frank Suryan, Chairman and CEO of Lyon Living. “Reno is an entertainment destination that attracts innovative businesses and creative individuals and Park Lane will align with the vision of the city, residents, and visitors.”

Park Lane Associates and Lyon Living will create resort-style amenities and an interactive and engaging experience for Park Lane residents and visitors. The 46-acre community, with its pedestrian-and transit-friendly design, focuses on a live-work lifestyle and the convenience of a multi-use space within a community.

“Lyon Living’s extensive knowledge and attention to detail as the number one luxury multi-family, mixed-use developer makes them a perfect fit for our team,” Bowlby said. “We will share our deep understanding of Reno and the needs of local residents with Lyon Living’s long track record of creatively translating mixed-used and multi-use visions into reality.”

Among the residential amenities of Park Lane will be five-story wrap-style apartment buildings — never before seen in Reno.




James Mcroberts July 27, 2018 - 7:52 am

Ok first of all I’m glad this land is being developed into something other than what it was. But reading this article, lots of fancy words, but it wasn’t saying much.
And the picture, is that image of the completed project? Do they know about the cockroaches that run in the street on Grove st? I’ve seen them myself as we walked to the movie theater from the Peppermill side. I killed two of them, stomped on them in the street at night with a witness, this was last year and the apartment building that was there has been gone for about 5 years I think, What will become of the theater?

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