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jüs Goes Green With Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful

By ThisIsReno


jüs, a local juice shop dedicated to health, fresh ingredients, and a sustainable lifestyle, is donating a percentage of all sales to Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful the entire week of July 8-15. Jon and Adam Castleman, the two brothers who curated this health-conscious business, want to not only encourage people to eat green, but live a green and sustainable lifestyle as well.

“This partnership truly helps solidify our mission to keep the earth clean and live a wholesome lifestyle. After all, fresh ingredients have to start with a fresh and green earth!” said Jon.

Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful is dedicated to beautification and advocating for a clean community. Their Adult Education and Outreach Program focuses on inspiring locals to help keep the Truckee Meadows beautiful, and that’s just where the jüs proceeds will be going. jüs not only takes pride in giving back to the community, but they also value the customers that are conscious of it as well.

“Our ideal customer is conscious of their health, their community, and their individual impact on society and the environment,” said Adam. “They care about what they put in their bodies, want to know where their food comes from, and support businesses that have a conscience.”

Visit their website to see their fresh products and learn more at jusreno.com. They can also be contacted by phone at 775-323-1794.


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