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Our Unusual 2018 Assessor’s Race (Opinion)

By ThisIsReno
Chip Evans

Submitted by Chip Evans, candidate for Washoe County Assessor

Most people have no clue what the County Assessor does and, when being explained, eyes glaze over and gentle snoring often commences. The race rarely draws many candidates. There’s seldom much to discuss from term to term.

2018 is different. Six people are running—the Republican incumbent and three contenders from his party plus two Democrats—seemingly an all-time high. Another anomaly is that two candidates actually are in the race to oust their boss. Seems we have yet another bureaucracy in need of a fresh set of eyes.

The last fascinating aspect of this election is that Nevada is in the midst of the most serious review of property tax law in decades.

So, a clear-eyed assessment of this race is that many feel the need to rid Washoe County of a failed incumbent. Going forward, there’s an urgent need to prepare the office to be an effective communication agent in and for our community.

As in companies in which I have been CEO or general manager, success requires leading and managing both internal and external functions. Despite our incumbent’s shortcomings, the department appears quite competent in executing its primary mission of determining valuations properly, fairly and with transparency.

Where the incumbent fails miserably and the department does not meet requirements, is in the external functions. The incumbent has become the fearmonger-in-chief and regularly makes non-factual, fantastical claims about a proposed constitutional amendment related to property taxes.

These needs have compelled me to run for Assessor. I have the expertise most needed to be added to the office. I have far more management experience in size and scope than any other candidate. I’ve been involved in real estate investment and new project development.

Perhaps more importantly, I have deep connections with numerous communities and elected officials within Washoe County and a reputation for integrity and honesty.

This office needs to be more than a bureaucracy. It is the place where reliable analyses and communications must be undertaken to inform our county commission, our city councils, our school board, our state legislators and our citizens of the potential consequences of any proposed changes to state property tax law. This will require an unprecedented communication effort led by a seasoned communicator.

This Assessor election may be the most significant in decades. Please vote. It will matter. And please consider a vote for me.

Chip Evans
[email protected]



Andrew June 13, 2018 - 3:31 pm

It is truly disappointing that someone like this can win (albeit narrowly) over someone much better in the primary. I hope that come the general people will vote to keep the current assessor over Chip. Chip has continually mis understood the position he is applying for, continually abuses the current office staff and clearly simply doesn’t understand the assessor’s role.

I live in and pay a lot of property taxes by virtue of my home(s) location(s) and commercial properties and have had nothing but polite and helpful interactions with the staff there (including the current assessor). It would be a shame if that were to disappear.

His second two paragraphs confirm he has literally no idea.

I’m sure Chip has good intentions, but in a political position where he can enact change. I worry that he has told a lot of the people who voted for him that he can make changes to policy and reduce taxes etc.

Shelly June 12, 2018 - 7:52 am

Mr. Evans, once again the Assessor is a tax policy implementer. They do not make tax laws or vote on tax laws that is the job of the Congress people and Senators we elect. If you want to enact or vote on tax laws you should run for the appropriate public office not Assessor. Oh, that’s right you did run for Congress in 2016 and you were soundly defeated. Then in 2017 you announced your candidacy for Lieutenant Governor, it looks to me like you are another aspiring career politician in the making. You do not understand the duties or requirements of the Washoe County Assessor and you do not have the experience or knowledge required to be Washoe County Assessor. Exchanging one bad Assessor for another doesn’t make sense to this Washoe County Tax Payer. Mr. Evans I watched your video with Dr. Dupree and by the way the Assessor’s office does not value boats …… Maybe you should research the duties of the Washoe County Assessor before running for it!

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