VIDEO: City Council Candidates Candidly Weigh-In on City’s Big Issues

The Reno News & Review, The Holland Project, KWNK Radio, and held their second “Speak Youth To Power” candidate forum last week with support from the Washoe County Library System.

Two candidates responded to attend the forum held at the downtown library; fortunately, they were the incumbents who candidly commented on Reno’s biggest issues.

Councilmembers Naomi Duerr and Paul McKenzie spoke for more than an hour about topics such as transportation, growth, homelessness, recreational cannabis, city sexual harassment allegations, and more.

The full video is below. Rather than watch the complete hour-and-a-half forum, you may also see the questions and answers below and click the Youtube link to watch from that particular question.

Welcome: Brad Bynum, Reno News & Review:

Reno City Councilmember Naomi Duerr. Image: Bob Conrad.
Reno City Councilmember Naomi Duerr. Image: Bob Conrad.

Introduction: Moderator Alejandra Hernandez Chavez:

Candidate introductions:

Q: What are the top priorities for your ward and how can people hold you accountable?

Q: Twenty seven houseless individuals died in 2017. How is the City of Reno responding to its community to ensure this number does not grow?

Q: How well is the city handling growth in population and business growth?

Q: How can the City of Reno better handle sexual harassment allegations?

Q: How important are the Neighborhood Advisory Boards to you, and what role do they serve in the future?

Q: As incumbents, how have you grown as a councilmember in your first term, and what kind of leadership can constituents expect if you are re-elected?

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Audience Questions

Reno City Councilmember Paul McKenzie. Image: Bob Conrad.
Reno City Councilmember Paul McKenzie. Image: Bob Conrad.

Q: What are your feelings about recreational marijuana and how it impacts the city?

Q: What can be done about the property tax cap?

Q: Why doesn’t town square clock work properly?

Q: Is there a comprehensive plan for affordable housing?

Q: What is the plan regarding the increase in the homeless rate and the fact that we are having to pay Project Restart, which goes straight to the landlords who are capitalizing on the housing crunch?

Q: How can sprawl be better managed (e.g., StoneGate)? What will you do to prioritize smart growth in Reno?

Q: Looking to your third term re-election, what will you do about the Waste Management franchise agreement?

Q: How well is the city positioned to handle another potential recession?

Q: Where do you stand on sanctuary cities?

Q: What happened to the money that RTC lost in a scam and why haven’t the bus drivers received adequate salary increases?

Q: What is the status of the NDOT plan to remove the off-ramp to the airport?

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