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PHOTOS: Reno’s New Flag Flying High

By Ty O'Neil
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If you have been downtown you may have noticed some new flags atop the City of Reno parking garage. They are the newly adopted City of Reno flag, designed by Reno resident Tucker Stosic. The city council unanimously adopted the flag on Aug.25.

I spoke with Stosic via Facebook Messenger, as work has recently taken him Los Angeles

“From the very start of the process creating the flag, I was most interested in what symbolism I could put into it. I always wanted the flag to tell the story of the past and present of Reno,” Stosic explained. This concept was something both Megan Berner and James Ferrigan stressed at one of the flag workshops held before the contest deadline.

For the flag’s colors Stosic explained, “The silver is representative of the mining boom in the area, the yellow coin is representative of the rich desert ecosystem, the light blue representing the Truckee, and the dark blue matching that of the Nevada flag, to show that we are a proud part of the state.

“Overall my goal throughout the process of creating the flag was to have something that symbolically can show the unique history of the area and show what has historically been important to it,” he said.

Only time will tell if the new Reno flag will become part of the community, but its new look and symbolism serves as a testament to the efforts Reno is making to reinvent itself while remaining true to its heritage.

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