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Nonprofit Formed to Increase Diversity Among Local Law Enforcement

By Bob Conrad

Kevin McReynolds, left, and University Police Chief Adam Garcia, right. Image courtesy of The McReynolds Project.

A new non-profit organization was announced today as being formed to improve diversity among local police and relationships with the Reno community.

Kevin McReynolds, the University of Nevada student who filed a complaint last year against UNR police for threatening comments made during a traffic stop, said he wants to work toward positive change in police-community relations.

“The McReynolds Project seeks to invigorate local police departments with diverse individuals and ideas by creating scholarships, hosting community engagement events, and partnering with local law enforcement agencies,” he said. “The charity is already receiving support from community partners such as UNR Police Chief Adam Garcia who has said ‘I am honored to support The McReynolds Project, which aims to foster dialogue between diverse groups and law enforcement through recruitment of minority students to enter the policing profession. I applaud Mr. McReynolds, whose vision is bound to have a direct impact on this community for generations to come.’”

McReynolds said that the incident with UNR police motivated the project. That traffic stop led to the officer being placed on leave and a Title IX investigation.

“Instead of harping on my experience, I wanted to create something positive from everything that happened to me,” McReynolds said. “I believe that healthy, thriving communities need to be protected by people who represent them, in race, culture, and in value.”

McReynolds said the project is growing through donations and partnerships with the hopes of taking the charity nationwide.

Learn more: https://givingtrail.org/campaigns/200139/the-mcreynolds-project-fundraising-round-1 or TheMcReynoldsProject.org

Board Members

  • Angie Taylor (President & CEO of Guardian Quest, Inc.)
  • Gregory C. Mosier (Dean, University of Nevada, Reno College of Business)
  • Lafayette Webb (Officer, Washoe County School Police)
  • Gregg Colvin (Former COO of Universal McCann (N.A), Former VP of Fox Digital Media and Fox Interactive Media)


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