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Ongoing Sierra Arts Exhibition Focuses on Information Age

By ThisIsReno

Image: Sierra Arts

By Samuel Sheridan

If the Information Age sounds fascinating, the artists featured in the Sierra Arts Gallery’s current exhibit, Dynamic Perception, deliver in bringing this era to life.

The three artists, muralist Asa Kennedy, self-taught origami artist Vance Houston and illustrator Gilbert Leiker, each deliver their own takes on this complex period.

Origami by artist Vance Houston. Image: Sierra Arts

The desert-based paintings of Santa Fe-born Kennedy feature recurring patterns of hexagons, diamonds, and squares that explore the link between color and sound. Houston’s origami work, which took 30 to 80 hours to build, is constructed in the form of spheres and helices that suggest infinity, with no further adhesives added. Leiker’s work, which is largely influenced by his “ravenous consumption of media” according to the Sierra Arts Foundation, features illustrations depicting a robotic, dystopic future with a dynamic cast of characters.

All of the more than 20 works will be sold at the exhibit’s closing reception Thursday, April 19 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the gallery. Prices for each piece vary widely; the smallest of Houston’s origami works can be purchased for $20, while Kennedy’s shape-based murals are available for $2,500.

The gallery is located in the Riverside Building at 17 South Virginia Street in downtown Reno. To learn more about the Sierra Arts Foundation and upcoming exhibitions, visit http://www.sierra-arts.org/.


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