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From The Left: What Are You Going to Do? (Opinion)


Rep. Mark Amodei and Sen. Dean Heller in 2012 with former Rep. Barbara Vucanovich.

By Dave Mulligan

If you know me at all — or if you know just about anybody from the Left — you’ll know how absolutely offended we all feel by almost everything that comes out of the President’s mouth. I consider him to be dishonest, ill-informed, inarticulate, narcissistic, unintelligent, and completely corrupt. I also feel that everybody in Congress sees these very same traits and many still enable him and even support his reckless policies. Especially the Republicans, for obvious reasons.

Now, instead of simply whining about what I’m witnessing, I have made the conscious decision to get involved in the most effective way I can. I examined the issues (access to healthcare, Medicare, Social Security, gun safety, environment, ethical governance, etc.) and looked at Nevada’s legislators to decide how, specifically, I can affect change. And I made a choice.

To me, it came down to two options. I was either going to get involved in the process and help defeat Senator Dean Heller or Congressman Mark Amodei. Heller may be the most vulnerable candidate in the Senate, whereas Mark Amodei holds a seat in northern Nevada’s Congressional District 2 where I live, which has remained steadfastly red for decades. Research tells me that, even though history suggests an uphill battle for a Democratic opponent, Amodei is also vulnerable.

Why? Two main reasons (although I know that research will reveal more): Mark Amodei was the Nevada Campaign Chair for Donald Trump’s 2016 election and he also voted for the Republican Tax Reform plan, which basically fleeces the American economy to repay the billionaire donor class that put most Republicans in office. For these reasons, my choice was to go after Amodei.

Clint Koble

Now, how can I do this? How can I help end his reign as Congressman from northern Nevada who regularly demonstrates blind support for a president who represents a clear and present danger to the United States of America? Simple. I’ll go to work for one of his opponents.

Clint Koble, obviously, must first make it through the primary on June 12 before he can face and defeat the now-vulnerable Amodei. I’ve looked at Clint’s Democratic opponents and they’re all decent, viable candidates. Every one of them would be better than Mr. Amodei, whom I consider to be a spineless sellout and spokesman for a corrupt and inept Trump administration.

But I have made my choice. I’m going with Mr. Clint Koble. I am going to do everything I can to strengthen his campaign, to share his message, broaden his name recognition, and help him be the man who defeats and replaces Mark Amodei. Because democracy is not a spectator sport, I have gotten off the sidelines and into the game.

What are you going to do?

(Note: My opinion is my own and in no way represents that of of Mr. Clint Koble or any other candidate). 

dave-mulligan-150x150-2200074-5419793Dave Mulligan is a local Reno resident of over 25 years. He is a published author (Mulligan’s Wake), television producer and a left-leaning political activist. He lives happily on the Truckee River and is the married father of three (his most important role, according to Dave).

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