Community Health Alliance’s Crawford to Retire


Celebrating Dr. Jason Crawford, CHA’s Chief Medical Officer, as he retires

Dr. Jason Crawford
Dr. Jason Crawford. Image: CHA

Community Health Alliance’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jason Crawford, is set to depart from the health clinic where he has provided care for thousands in the community.

CHA is taking time to appreciate and celebrate the legacy that Dr. Crawford has built over his last decade with the organization, both under the Community Health Alliance name and previously as HAWC under the Saint Mary’s community programs umbrella. The team at CHA is grateful for his dedication to his patients and his staff to help provide better health outcomes for vulnerable communities in the Reno/Sparks area.

Dr. Crawford’s interest in healthcare started early in his childhood when he would tell anyone who would listen that he wanted to be a doctor someday.

This dream became a reality when he graduated college, then entered medical school at University of Arizona in Tucson where he completed a combined MD-MPH degree program. After this he served as an Emergency Medicine Technician in Colorado, then moved to Arizona working towards an advanced degree in immunology and biochemistry.

Dr. Crawford joined the CHA team in 2012 after realizing early in his career that he had a passion for serving the underserved through working in several community health centers and completing the Rural Health Practitioners Program. He then became CHA’s Chief Medical Officer a few years later.

Dr. Crawford’s commitment to provide health to the underserved spreads beyond northern Nevada. He has provided healthcare abroad in Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize, which is strategic for him as he is bilingual.

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Image: CHA

His compassion is something helpful to patients near and far as he is not only interested in providing for their health, but also has stepped up to the plate more than once to advocate for their health on a personal, local, and regional level. He speaks on a national level about topics including cancer screenings, immigration health issues, and many others.

In addition to a love for travel, history, and culture, he enjoys listening to music and staying active in volleyball, soccer, skiing, and backpacking/hiking.

If none of these things make him cool enough, Dr. Crawford is also a lead singer in a local rock band called Rubles Plunge.


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