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UNR Cooperative Extension Schedules Free Gardening Classes

By Carla O'Day
Tomato Plant

Image: Carla O’Day.

It may not be time to get out the shovel, but it’s time to talk gardening.

The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension has scheduled free weekly classes that start Tuesday and cover a variety of topics that range from weed and pest control to yielding bountiful crops.

Classes are from 6 to 8 p.m. at Bartley Ranch Regional Park, 6000 Bartley Ranch Road.

  • Feb. 6: This first session addresses how to choose and care for fruit trees. Tips will be provided on selection, planting, maintenance, soil and pest management.
  • Feb. 13: How to combine plant characteristics and one’s needs to get the best fit will be covered by Rod Haulenbeek, certified arborist and cooperative extension master gardener volunteer.
  • Feb. 20: Identifying and controlling weeds will be addressed, along with the differences between noxious and nuisance weeds.
  • Feb. 27: Basic safety measures, along with the best ways to make gardening less painful, will be discussed.
  • March 6: The basics of fruit tree pruning and how to maximize production will be covered, as well as training fruit trees to grow on trellises and against flat surfaces.
  • March 13: Cooperative extension master gardener volunteer Pamela Van Hoozer will explain how to select varieties of tomatoes to plant in different types of gardens.
  • March 20: Herb gardening and how to grow them in landscapes and containers will be addressed.
  • March 27: Successful vegetable gardening, including information on how to produce abundant crops, tips on improving soil, crop rotation, companion planting and using raised beds will be provided.

For more information on the classes, call 775-784-4848, email mastergardeners@unce.unr.edu, or visit www.unce.unr.edu.


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