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Punk Rock Flea Market Generates Revenue for Maker Space

By ThisIsReno

Image: Bob Conrad

By Samuel Sheridan

The Generator’s inaugural Punk Rock Flea Market raised an estimated $15,000 for the maker space’s new member scholarship program, organizers said. The organization plans to use the funds to assist lower income artists cover the cost of membership for The Generator.

On any given day visitors of The Generator can expect to find those artists at work creating sculptures, working on home improvement projects, or even practicing aerial silk performances. But visitors walked into something totally different during the special event.

The Punk Rock Flea Market, held Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 10 and 11, temporarily replaced the usual scene with live music and a variety of food and craft vendors. With $5 per-day admission, the all-ages event brought 2200 attendees and inspired a lively atmosphere.

Seventeen local bands, such as: Reno, We Have a Problem, John Underwood & His Horny Friends; Ravished; Infecto Skeletons; and Corner Store appeared throughout both days on a specially-built stage normally reserved for workshop space. Adding to the theme, old televisions at the base of the stage displayed a special animation, its static lines evocative of the genre’s 1970s heyday.

Image: Bob Conrad

The punk vibe was also reflected in the event’s 70 vendors, who sold jewelry, magazines, posters, and other underground memorabilia. In addition, the event featured a clothing exchange pile (referred to as the “Possum Pile”), and what organizers described as “some strange interpretation of performance art;” namely, an opportunity to lay a sledgehammer against an old, red car. The latter element was a huge hit, with attendees young and old waiting in line to get a crack at releasing their energies.

The Punk Rock Flea Market event comes as big developments are in the works for The Generator, with a downtown arts complex awaiting approval by the city. For more information on The Generator, their new membership model, and upcoming events, visit online at https://www.therenogenerator.com.


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