Orange Pedal Cycling Thrives on Industry Fusion

Image: Kyle Young

Orange Pedal Cycling, located in the Shops at The Village business complex on California Avenue, is benefiting from a business model called “industry fusion.”

Though the shop is family owned, Trish and Stefano Miraglia put their marriage aside while at work to better operate their business. Orange Pedal Cycling was originally located at a smaller space off West Second and Vine streets in Reno, but thanks to hard work and industry fusion, their larger current space was required.

I asked Trish, a current leader of industry fusion, to explain how the business model works. “We can fuse two industries … [that] can exist separately. People can come … into the Coffee Lounge and sit down and have an espresso [and] do homework … or just come in for indoor cycling,” she said. “It’s about how small businesses can compete in the online age of the larger retailers.”

Lavazza Espresso. Image: Kyle Young

Trish went on to say that it helps to fuse two completely unrelated industries that have the potential to complement one another. Coffee and cycling pair well together because non-cycling coffee lovers get a no-pressure window into a less familiar world and cyclists can get their bike serviced, ride in the indoor theater, and get their caffeine fix all under one roof.

Trish said that other industries are also profiting from the model. In thinking about other businesses in town following similar trends, quite a few tempting combos came to my mind. People are mixing booze and arcades games, painting and coffee, as well as trampolines and laser tag, to name a few.

Orange Pedal’s Coffee Lounge is just one component of their European-style atmosphere. The lounge offers comfortable stools for those who wish to sip $1 pro-brewed Lavazza espresso shots at the bar. Other coffee favorites are also served.

A hip loveseat and small dining table sit at the front of the shop for route planning, homework, or just plain kickin’ it. An additional nod to shops across the Atlantic comes from the particular bike brands that Orange Pedal offers. Such brands include SH+, Rudy Project, Bottecchia, Masi, Selle SMP, Gaerne, Vittoria Shoes, and Argon 18.

If top-notch Italian road bikes are not your jam, co-owner Stefano and the team can help you out with your mountain bike, beach cruiser, retro ride, and everything in between. If you decide to buy your new bike online, neither someone from the online mega-giant nor the UPS driver are going to help you assemble your new stallion. Orange Pedal has you covered when you need a hand transitioning bike-in-a-box to well-oiled speed machine.

Stefano Miraglia assembling a bike. Image: Kyle Young

If you prefer to work with a team of experts in person to pick out your new bike, Orange Pedal will recommend a bike for you and allow you to demo the bike all day. A new bike can be a serious investment, so why not ride yours before saying ‘I do’?

Brand new bikes are not the only kind receiving love at Orange Pedal. Coming back from Burning Man and your ride is looking worse for wear? The Miraglia’s have a $99 Afterburner ‘bike bath’ that can return your bike to proper order. Your garden hose might wash off some dust, but it can also degrade critical bike parts. The proprietary Miraglia ‘bike bath’ will clean your bike, maintain the integrity of its components, and ensure that you return to the Burn on the same trusty steed next year.

Reno drivers and cyclists can sometimes butt heads. Let’s be honest, conflicts on the road can range from irritating to dangerous. You can avoid the headache, and maybe hospital bill, by capitalizing on the indoor cycling programs offered at Orange Pedal. Drop in for only $10 and ride your bike indoors while traveling through a virtual wonderland. The apparatuses available can increase or decrease resistance emulating an outdoor ride through varied terrain. You can also race with your homies across the world with joinable race rooms not entirely unlike Mario Kart™.

Indoor Cycling Theater. Image: Kyle Young

Also regarding the indoor cycling theater, people with special needs can benefit. Trish shared a story of a young gentleman with Asperger Syndrome who had a case worker that reached out to Orange Pedal for a bike donation. Trish spoke with both people and assessed that street traffic might be overwhelming to the gentleman, and offered an alternative instead. Orange Pedal hooked him up with a bike in their indoor cycling theater. The game-like environment created a safe place to exercise and have fun.

Clearly. the Miraglia’s and their staff want as many people as possible to enjoy in the sport and recreation of cycling. You won’t find intimidating employees or aggressive salespeople at Orange Pedal. You’ll find people there that respect you, your time, your riding preferences, and a tasty cup of coffee.

Drop in to Orange Pedal Cycling at 1185 California Ave., Suite H, Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. or Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Give them a call at 775-870-1636 to learn when operating hours will increase as the weather warms up. Visit them online at

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