Zepparella Sells Out Studio on 4th

Zepparella at a 2013 show. Image: John Tuckness

Zepparella, the all-female tribute to rock legends Led Zeppelin, came to Reno over the weekend to sell out and blow the roof off one of Reno’s better venues, Studio on 4th, located at 432 E. Fourth St.

Studio on 4th owner Dennis McDonald said that this show was the third total sell-out of the 140-person capacity venue. The place was totally packed.

According to their website biography, Zepparella drummer Clementine formed the band in February 2004. Her goal to be on stage every night has led her to constantly tour the U.S. and Europe numerous projects including: Bottom, AC/DShe, The House Of More, The Solid, Francis Bakin, and Stars Turn Me On. Clementine’s “emotionally powerful style” allows her to make her own mark while following the beats first played by some of rock music’s most revered drummers.

Together with Anna Kristina (vocals), Gretchen Menn (guitar), and Angeline Saris (bass), the foursome creates the bond required to do this great music justice.

Clementine of Zepparella
Clementine of Zepparella at a 2013 show. Image: John Tuckness

Zepparella played a solid 90-minute set that went like this (from memory):

  • “The Rover”
  • “The Song Remains The Same”
  • “The Lemon Song”
  • “Custard Pie”
  • “Trampled Under Foot”
  • “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”
  • “Moby Dick”
  • “How Many More Times”
  • “The Ocean”
  • “Ramble On”
  • “Whole Lotta Love”
  • “Kashmir”
Zepparella at a 2013 show. Image: John Tuckness

The first time I saw Zepparella was in 2013 when the band played at the Crystal Bay Club in Lake Tahoe. The band blew me away then and again at their show at Studio on 4th. They really do justice to the Zeppelin music catalog. I guess what it boils down to is that these gals can rock the hell out of any place they play and entertain the Zeppelin fans that come to hear their favorite tunes.

All-in-all this was a fun show to see. The audience really had a great time, evidenced by the applause they gave the band after every song. If you missed this one, you missed a good one. Don’t miss the next. For upcoming Zepparella tour dates visit http://www.zepparella.com/.

To find upcoming shows for Studio on 4th visit http://studioon4th.com/.

Always remember to support your local bands and venues … go to a show!


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  1. It was a great show! I saw Clementine play for AC/DShe many years ago in San Francisco and have been wanting to see Zeparella for a long time. How amusing that they show up in Reno not long after I moved here. The ladies rocked it hard and the crowed was electrified. We all sang along! It was brilliant! I can’t wait until they return! Cheers!

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