GOTCHA: Illegal Dumping Caught on Camera Leads to Arrest (Updated)

Update (1/9/18): Reno police announced that Zachary Turner, 21 of Sparks, was arrested for one count of illegal dumping near a roadway.


Dump illegally, and you too might get a visit from police.

That’s the case for the owner of a black pickup truck that was caught on camera Saturday near Mayberry Drive illegally dumping a couch, cardboard, furniture, and other waste.

A concerned citizen saw the truck enter a dirt road that dead ends at Mayberry with a load full of garbage, only to leave empty a short time later.

Photos were quickly posted on social media, and the truck’s presumed owner is now expecting a visit from the Reno Police Department (RPD) after Councilwoman Neoma Jardon followed the thread and contacted RPD.

“Your trash has your mail in it with your name and address on it,” Jardon posted. “You’ll be getting a visit soon from RPD. Jerk!”

The garbage was removed by a good Samaritan.

Somebody’s a Belieber.

Illegal dumping is a chronic problem in the area, and actually catching the dumpers is often difficult.

But not this time.

Kendra Kostelecki with Waste Management said that had the person made a little more effort, the waste could have been disposed of properly.

“(I) … want to point out they could have dropped off all the cardboard free of charge at 1100 East Commercial Row,” she commented on Facebook. “Most appliances and scrap metal are also accepted free of charge across the street from the transfer station. 

“To combat illegal dumping, you can drop off one bulky item such as a couch, or mattresses, free of charge at Lockwood Regional Landfill — open Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. It was already on the truck! All they had to do was take it to the right place.”

Residential Waste Management customers get four free dump runs a year.

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