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VIDEO: Lake Tahoe Has an Epic Surf Experience

By ThisIsReno

By Kyril Plaskon

Every time a storm rolls in, skiers prepare for powder days and the rest of us tend to hunker indoors with hot chocolate and a good book. But some brave souls slip on wet suits, grab their surf boards and hit the frigid and wind-blown waters of Lake Tahoe for an epic surfing experience.

Rich Selden, owner of De Luxe in the West Street Market is one of those die-hard surfers with more than 50 days in Lake Tahoe “big” surf.

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, in clean water, blasted by waves every two-to-three seconds . . . all part of what make it epic.

Recently there has been a surge of interest in surfing at lake Tahoe and there are tons of great videos, but few that explain what it is like from the surfers perspective. In this video, Selden explains why he drops everything when the storms are rolling in with their high winds and he heads for the lake.

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