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Dragonfly Bath and Body in Midtown hosted an unusual guest last Sunday: a wolf. Kasa, who serves as an ambassador wolf, is a wolf-dog hybrid from the U.S. Wolf Refuge located here in northern Nevada.

Bill Chamberlain, director of U.S. Wolf Refuge, discussed the role of public education regarding wolves. They are part of the natural balance, he said, citing Yellowstone National Park as an example of the benefits of reintroduction of the species.

Bill Chamberlain with Dragonfly owner Lauren Dune (middle), volunteer Brittany Straw  (r), and Kasa.
Bill Chamberlain with Dragonfly owner Lauren Dune (middle), volunteer Brittany Straw (r), and Kasa. Photo: Ty O’Neil

Wolves faced near extinction in the 1920s, and while much of the public sees wolves in a positive light Chamberlain says many ranchers are opposed to their reintroduction. He pointed out that ranchers have never experienced wolves outside of their grandfather’s stories.

I asked Chamberlain what the historical presence of wolves was in Nevada. He explained that while wolves were actively exterminated in much of the country, most of Nevada is simply not a favorable environment for wolves. While, of course, wolves do not recognize state lines, Nevada is unlikely to see a wolf population any time soon.

Kasa, the wolf hybrid, is on her way to see a specialized vet in California about a limp but was still eager to greet people and seemed to enjoy the attention lavished upon her. She was joined by Athena, a pure dog who was also on her way to see the vet. Despite not being as exotic as a wolf, Athena received just a much love from guests.

U.S. Wolf Refuge is a donation-funded nonprofit organization. For more information visit

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