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PHOTOS: ‘Get Bent’ A Gender-Bending Musical Revue

By Dana Nollsch

This is a production of Sisters Three Productions and benefits Our Center.

“Get Bent” is a delightful mix of show tunes and gender-bending with a joy that is contagious. The performers are outstanding, with brilliant voices that captivate the audience.

There is a subtle heartfelt message of acceptance that I am sure will open the audience’s minds to gender roles and how those roles are changing in today’s society.

Check out the photos for a taste of what you will experience when you see “Get Bent.”

The regular performances are suitable for younger audiences, but there will also be two late-night performances that are for adults. Performances continue through Nov. 19 at the Potentialist Workshop. Tickets are $15. For information on showtime check out their Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/787594151401998/

get bent_9157
get bent_9146
get bent_9143
get bent_9140
get bent_9130
get bent_9125
get bent_9111
get bent_9105
get bent_9100
get bent_9096
get bent_9088
get bent_9078
get bent_9075
get bent_9063
get bent_9061
get bent_9056
get bent_9046
get bent_9028
get bent_9025
get bent_9022
get bent_9006
get bent_8997
get bent_8990
get bent_8988
get bent_8976
get bent_8964
get bent_8962
get bent_8948
get bent_8939
get bent_8926
get bent_8920
get bent_8917
get bent_8907
get bent_8903
get bent_8895
get bent_8894
get bent_8885


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