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Goals, Bonus Structure Approved for RSCVA CEO

By Carla O'Day
Published: Last Updated on

Philip DeLone

The Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority board on Wednesday approved a list of goals and objectives put forth by CEO Phil DeLone, as well as a bonus structure.

DeLone’s priorities for the next year are visitation/destination awareness, direct room night growth, facility efficiency, and organizational sustainability.

Goals include changing the perception of the region by positioning it as an outdoor activity destination filled with arts, culture, and innovative industries. Increasing visitor growth among tourists in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles Basin, and Seattle between 2 and 7 percent will also be key.

About 238,000 room nights associated with meetings, convention, sports, equestrian, and non-U.S. Bowling Congress events were booked in 2015-16. DeLone would like to increase that to 260,000.

Focusing on best use of facilities in line with the RSCVA’s mission, along with approval of management contracts, is also intended.

DeLone began at the RSCVA earlier this year with a base salary of $250,000 annually and his bonus can be up to 40 percent of that. According to his bonus structure:

  • 45 percent of that 40 percent will be based on room nights produced and achieved
  • 20 percent will be based on facility efficiency and management
  • 15 percent on building a solid executive management team
  • 10 percent on client satisfaction and experience with meeting planners and event producers for events held at RSCVA facilities and booked via RSCVA sales staff
  • 5 percent on organizational health, including employee engagement and community involvement
  • 5 percent on delivering the fiscal year’s budget in adherence to RSCVA financial policies

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